How To Apply

This post office jobs eCareer orientation guide is presented here to familiarize job seekers with the official USPS hiring process so you will be able to navigate their site and apply for job vacancies. The USPS web site, listed below, is the ONLY OFFICIAL USPS employment web site. You do not have to pay anyone […]


Post Office Jobs Hiring, Recruitment And Career Exploration The Postal Service implemented major changes to its recruiting program to automate the hiring process. It expanded its internal eCareer application system to include new hires. Instead of applying to take a standardized exam for a specific occupation, you now apply for an actual job vacancy. This […]


The U.S. Postal Service delivers billions of pieces of mail weekly, including letters, advertisements, bills, and packages, through regardless of inclement weather. To achieve mail delivery efficiently, the Postal Service employs over 600,000 individuals who process, sort, and then deliver mail and packages as well as provide customer services and supplies in post offices. The […]